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Lighten Up #9: Alex Dale

In this episode of Lighten Up, I talk with Alex Dale, my long-suffering graphic designer husband who of his own volition dressed up in a Maimed Cookie Man costume to become the It’s Not Fair mascot at the book launch party. We interview each other, discussing important topics like who is cooler, Batman or Iron Man, which John Cusack movie is the best, how we met when I was a twerpy freshman, and how we learned to laugh through hard stuff. We also perform a dramatic reading of our kids talking about where babies come out of. As always, I’m covering the hard-hitting, life-changing topics around here.

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Here he is posing for a picture:


And here he is grabbing my butt in the middle of the photo:

IMG_4794 2

Here he is sitting on my dad:

FullSizeRender 3

Me and Alex, sans cookie man costume.


For more on Cookie Man’s antics and the man inside, listen to the podcast, and Lighten Up!