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Creepshow: Twittering from the Circus of the Dead

Melanie was honored to write the teleplay for the episode “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead,” starring Joey King and based on the short story by one of her favorite authors, Joe Hill.

Told in Twitter style, Blake (played by Joey King) tweets about her boring family road trip when they mistakenly end up at the mysterious Circus of the Dead. Things aren’t boring for long as she discovers the acts are all too real. (Watch closely for a few cartoon cameos, including Melanie!)


Creepshow: Sibling Rivalry

Melanie was excited to bring vampires into the Creepshow world with her episode “Sibling Rivalry,” starring Molly Ringwald.

Convinced that her brother is trying to kill her, Lola seeks help from her school guidance counselor (Molly Ringwald) only to find her increasingly skeptical. As she attempts to piece the story together, she faces a dark truth. Directed by Tales From the Hood‘s Rusty Cundief, Sibling Rivalry is packed with suspense, humor, and gore.

“Sibling Rivalry is a quick-witted, but subtle social commentary that speaks to young adult horror as it broadens the Creepshow universe.”

–Nightmare on Filmstreet Review

Creepshow: Baby Teeth

Melanie was delighted to introduce a new creature to the Creepshow universe with a new spin on the Tooth Fairy.

After a trip to the dentist, Shelby’s mom struggles to accept that her baby is growing up, but hanging on to childhood relics isn’t as harmless as she thinks. For any parent who keeps their child’s baby teeth … this is a cautionary tale.

“Baby Teeth is without a doubt the scariest entry in Season 4.”

–Horror Obsessive

“Baby Teeth not only ends the season with some f***ing style, but stands as one of the more starkly brutal segments Creepshow has ever seen. Baby Teeth’s ghastly creation [is] as unnerving as it is awesome … it’s genuinely one of the most scariest creations the show’s ever produced and gives the entire episode the extra oomph it needs to cross the finish line with flair.”

–We’ve Got Back Issues