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Interview with Upwrite Magazine

Hi blog-reading friend. I’m smack in the middle of launching It’s Not Fair and I’m getting to tell so many people about how much I love and appreciate you. I’m totally talking behind your back, but in a good way. I love and appreciate you so much, and thanks for reading!

I want to pass on an interview I just did with Upwrite Magazine. They asked me a bunch of great questions about how I approach writing, from sarcasm to faith. If you’ve wondered about that, this is a quick read that’ll give you an idea about what’s in my head.

Here’s a snippet:

Upwrite: It seems like you connect with your readers on a really personal level, almost like two friends over a cup of coffee. How do you create such an authentic connection with both your writing style and what you write about? 

MD: I think blogging has helped with that. I’ve been blogging at since 2009, and I’ve developed a connection with the readers who show up. I write for them. So in my books, I approach my writing like I’m sitting down to have a conversation with you and just be myself. What would I tell you if we were on my couch and I felt like I could be totally honest with you?

Read full interview here

I’ve also been enjoying mass quantities of podcastery, so if you have a commute or an ironing board waiting for you and need something to listen to, here are some choices:

Shalom in the City with Osheta Moore – (episode 20) This was a really fun conversation, and I got to talk about practicing subversive joy, cultivating laughter in my home, and taking you on a little tour of my hometown. My favorite thing I said on here, of all the words: “Laughter makes me brave.”

The Happy HALF Hour with Jamie Ivey – (bonus episode 12) I shared my favorite app, made a couple of TV/DVD watching recommendations, talked about a dream I had to let go of, and shared the secret of my “success” <=I use sarcastic quotes marks because that words makes me squirm uncomfortably.

God Centered Mom with Heather MacFadyen – Heather and I talk about fun stuff like depression. No seriously, somehow we had a great conversation about very serious things. We talk about giving yourself permission to press pause on hard things, cultivating fun in the midst of difficult times, and identifying the grace-bearers in your life.