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Lighten Up # 1: Courtney DeFeo

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Welcome to Lighten Up! This is episode #1, and you can either listen here or subscribe on iTunes to have each new podcast delivered right to your phone.

I decided to name my podcast Lighten Up, because in a world that can get a little intense, I want a place to talk about real stuff but also joke around and not take life too seriously. We need to chill out and lighten up. I know I need the reminder. So on this monthly podcast, I’m going to get together with friends and invite you along. Grab some coffee and join Courtney DeFeo and I as we hang out and talk about how she’s helping her kids lighten up, and other extremely important topics like the Batmobile and epic lip synch battles and my horrible confession about my son’s birthday.

So you don’t have to hunt around for anything, here’s everything you need to click on or look at that we talked about on the show.

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Courtney’s awesome products 

Courtney’s book, In This House We Will Giggle 

Connect with Courtney on Instagram

Courtney’s blog

The first time Courtney and I met in person, we were doing this within five minutes of saying hi:


And here’s me with the Batmobile:


Additional links to stuff we mention on the show:

Melissa McCarthy lip sync battle (“Colors of the Wind” starts at 5:48, her first song has bleeped out f-bombs if you’re watching with the kids)

J-Lo Carpool Karaoke

Jeannie Cunnion, author of Parenting the Wholehearted Child 

Arm-on-hip picture posing

Courtney dropped some prettyyy intense ballet knowledge up in here and provided these wonderfully helpful photos for those of us who thought maybe she was referring to Star Wars characters or something:

IMG_8728 IMG_8729 IMG_8730

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