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I Had a Little Work Done

A few months ago Alex made a statement that rocked me to the core. The CORE, I say. “Mel, I think it’s time for a facelift.” I should probably mention here that he was referring to my blog. He thought my blog could use a redesign, probably because he’s a designer and his job is to notice these things.

If it was up to me, I’d be journaling in a notebook and probably just taking photos of notebook paper and posting them here for you to read. But Alex and I are never better than when we’re cackling in his office late at night thinking we’re way funnier and more creative than we actually are. When I was a kid and my parents had date night, they’d go to Sam’s Club and get free samples. Sitting in Alex’s office cracking ourselves up with movie quotes is our version of Sam’s Club.

So anyway, I had a little work done. On my website. Here it is. Please take a second to hop over to the homepage and see all the new shiny things. New design, same ol’ Melanie. I promised Alex I’d try really hard not to ruin all his work with my crappy iPhone photos.

This is a promise I most definitely will break time and again. You can’t squelch genius like this:


(If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this one, which was me trying to take a photo of the band-aid on my arm and scrunching up my face to try to do it, but then posting it as-is, because who am I, Kim Kardashian? This is the best selfie I can muster. Sorry, Alex, I’ve already destroyed the new site with crappy photos, haven’t I?)

Speaking of photos, caption this:


I’m going with “Releeeeease meeeee.” Poor JPEG. Ana thinks he’s her baby, and all I know is I’m a little scared for my future grandkids.

Yesterday I got to see the Batmobile:


Bruce is standing over my shoulder making sure I behave myself and I’m all, “Whatever, Bruce, I’m not going to hurt your precious car you can stop your creepy intimidation tactics.”

What post of mine would be complete without a manic gif of something. Here:


Yep, this feels about right for my first post on the new site. New blog, but as you can see, same blogger.

My favorite things about the new site:

  1. If you refresh the page, the silly photo at the top changes.
  2. We tried to fit in as many of my favorite movie quotes as possible.
  3. Um, there’s a new category at the top of something that’s coming soon…starts with “P”…not Podpeople, but…

Okay, happy browsing. Would love to know what you guys think about my cyber-facelift.