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Here It Is! The Book Trailer for It’s Not Fair

Last month I flew up to Zondervan and shot the book trailer for It’s Not Fair: Learning to Love the Life You Didn’t Choose, and here it is!

When my marketing director, Alicia, asked me what I had in mind, I was like, “Can we light something on fire, and we’re gonna need a fluffy unicorn.” And as you can see, the answer was YES. I had so much fun filming, and it was a blast getting to shoot with Ben and T.J., the guys behind my Women Are Scary trailer. Here are a few behind-the-scenes items to tell you about.

Ben volunteered his actual kitchen for the shoot, and he’s probably still cleaning it up after what we did to it. It really was a lovely kitchen.


My fabulous marketing director, Alicia, actually made gingerbread men and burned them on location, so for the first hour we were there, the house smelled great, and for the subsequent hours, we were filming in burned cookie smell. Very method.


This is my favorite photo right here. Ben and T.J. obviously haven’t listened to my podcast with Courtney DeFeo, when we cover the arm-on-hip picture posing. Looking good, guys. I guess it really does slim the arms.


I borrowed my daughter Evie’s fluffy unicorn for the shoot, and she made me promise to take good care of it. When she saw the video, she gasped and turned to me accusingly, “You throwed it out a window?” She looked lovingly at her unicorn and crooned, “Did she hurt you?” I quickly explained the magic of filmmaking and sound effects and assured her that no unicorns were harmed in the making of this film.


The set was edible, and everyone enjoyed munching on it all morning, like it was the big room from Willy Wonka. And that fire extinguisher was dang heavy, which made me reconsider my life choices and wonder if I should try a pushup or something.


So there you have it. Thank you to Alicia, Ben, and T.J., for taking what was in my head, making it better, and releasing it into the world!


Thanks, Alicia Kasen, for these awesome photos!