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Throwback Thursday – Bringing Evie Home From Ethiopia

For Throwback Thursday, I want to show you a video that most of you probably haven’t seen, bringing Evie home from Ethiopia.  Three years ago today we arrived in Addis Ababa and began our life together.  Alex scooped up all the sweet moments and put them in this video.  (For the full poop on the week — the good, the bad, and the I Had No Idea What I Was Doing — and the longest blog post I’ve ever written, click here, and feel free to skim.  Apparently back then I thought everyone wanted to know what we did every second.  Oh honey.)

As I was working on this post, Evie walked into the room.  I realized she’d never seen this video, so I pulled her onto my lap and showed it to her.  She had so many questions, and this now effervescent little girl bubbled through the whole thing.  Tears spilled over my eyelashes and down my cheeks and I kissed her over and over.  She’s grown so much.  I’ve grown so much.  We watched it over and over.