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Coffee+Crumbs: Boogers Are the New Sexy

I’m over at Coffee+Crumbs today talking granny panties and A-cups.  It may be my most TMI post to date, you guys, and that’s saying something, right?

If you haven’t swung by Coffee+Crumbs yet, it’s a delicious new site dreamed up by my friend, Ashlee Gadd, a place where moms can gather for storytelling, drinking coffee at a table covered in crumbs.  The other writers are fantastic, and if you’re looking for a place to go for good stories, “me too” kinds of stories, not advice, not how-tos, this is the blog.

And if you want to read my piece on how motherhood changes us, from our boobs to the stains on our yoga pants, check out Boogers Are the New Sexy.


Ashlee is an amazing photographer and took this pic and most of the pics on the C+C site.