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Lighten Up #129: Alli Worthington

We are in our 10-part series, “Lighten Up about Parenting,” and if you’re just joining us, this series is cool because you’re getting bonus interviews. In addition to an awesome guest line-up for you throughout the series, I’ve also invited 10 beta testers from all over the country to share their honest thoughts about my upcoming book, Calm the H*ck Down. They were given an early copy of my book and volunteered to treat their kids like lab rats to see if my book actually works. I want to make sure if you grab a copy of Calm the H*ck Down that it’s going to help you, as well as hopefully make you laugh. So today I’m chatting for a few minutes with Jen from Colorado about Calm the H*ck Down. We talk about trying to play video games with our kids, letting our kids experience consequences, and the time I charged my daughter for a Mommy Uber driver. And then, stay tuned, because author, speaker, and business coach Alli Worthington is joining me to talk about how she lightens up about parenting.

Alli is the mother of five boys and has a new book coming out called Standing Strong: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living with Confidence. We chat about how losing everything – her husband’s job, their home, filing bankruptcy – led to her work-from-home life. She talks about getting rid of mom guilt, letting kids be who they are, and what helps her calm down about parenting. Whether you’re standing strong, lying in the fetal position, or somewhere in between, listen in and lighten up!

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