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Lighten Up #128: Lorren Lemmons

Today’s podcast is sponsored by a bag of frozen riced cauliflower that I found in my freezer, because in a freak podcasting accident, I gave myself a gigundous fat lip. Seriously, so painful. I’m just trying not to talk with a lisp right now. Alex saw me holding the frozen cauliflower bag on my face and I muttered, “I hate podcasting,” and he observed, “It’s certainly more dangerous than I thought.” And this is a day in the life of someone as clumsy as I am. While trying to strap on my fancy headphones, I clocked myself in the lip.

We are halfway through our series, “Lighten Up about Parenting,” and if you’re just joining us, this series is cool because you’re getting bonus interviews, two for the price of one…which is still free…I’m not really sure about the math on that. In addition to an awesome guest line-up for you throughout this 10-part series, I’ve also invited 10 beta testers from all over the country to share their honest thoughts about my upcoming book, Calm the H*ck Down. They were given an early copy of my book and volunteered to use their kids as guinea pigs to see if my book actually works. I want to make sure if you grab a copy of Calm the H*ck Down that it’s going to help you, as well as hopefully make you laugh. So today I’m chatting for a few minutes with Sarah from Michigan, mother of two boys, one on the autism spectrum, about Calm the H*ck Down. We talk about the book and also what it was like getting an autism diagnosis, and she offers advice for parents in the middle of getting an autism diagnosis. And then, stay tuned, because writer and army wife Lorren Lemmons is joining me to talk about how she lightens up about parenting.

Lorren is a writer, a military spouse, and a former pediatric nurse. She talks about packing and moving with kids, and what it looks like preparing your kids to move. She has three kids and her four-year-old lived in four states before the age of four, so she knows a lot about this. We also talk about expectations she had going into parenting and how she calms the heck down. Lorren’s got some really fun ideas, so listen in, and lighten up!

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