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Lighten Up #110: Callie Feyen

Today for our friendship over 40 series I’m talking with my friend Callie Feyen, author of The Teacher Diaries: Romeo & Juliet and Twirl. We chat about how making friends has changed for us as we’ve gotten older and how our conversations have morphed from nap schedules to navigating our teens’ technology and talking about our jobs. Callie introduces us to her friends in her memoir Twirl, so we talk about she’s maintaining these friendships from high school all the way into her forties, as well as what she would tell her thirty-year-old self. We talk about hanging out without the kids, how we coach our kids to be kind to each other so the adults can still hang out during these volatile middle school years, and how, thankfully, we are separate from our kids, with separate friendships. Come on over and hang out with Callie and me, listen in, and lighten up!

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