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Lighten Up #109: Kathy Khang

We’re continuing our series on friendship over 40, and today I’m talking with author, speaker, and yoga teacher Kathy Khang. She’s the author of the book Raise Your Voice, and she has great advice for us as we navigate the difficult subjects with our friends. How do we speak up about things we care about with the people we love? We also chat about making your own friends without your kids as a buffer, maintaining your friends as your kids’ friendships change, letting go of friendships when you grow in different directions, and mom drama. And, we talk about that thing when your kids get older and want to join you and your friends at the grownup table. Ugh, I miss the old days of spelling swear words so they wouldn’t understand. Pour a cup of coffee, pop a squat on your yoga mat, listen in, and lighten up!

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