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Lighten Up #102: Niki Hardy

Today I’m talking with Niki Hardy, author of the new book Breathe Again: How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart. Niki is a cancer survivor and she shares how her diagnosis affected her, how she handled telling her kids, parenting with cancer, and how humor helped her and her kids get through her cancer treatments. Also, uh, Niki had rectal cancer, so yeah, heck yeah, we talk about poop. She says, “You’re never too young to love your bum.” I know this is a conversation about cancer, but it’s uplifting and hopeful and will help you reevaluate how you approach life…and also nudge you to get regular checkups and listen to your body. As Niki wisely shares, “Life doesn’t have to be pain-free to be full,” so listen in and lighten up.

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