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Lighten Up #101: Lighten Up…about Illness?

Check check, is this thing on? Well hi there. I guess I’m back from hiatus and ready for more podcastery, so I thought I’d start with something super fun and light…illness? I know, illness is not historically a light topic, but we do learn coping tactics for getting through. How do we not descend into hopelessness when we’re battling health problems? Today I kick off a new series in which I interview people dealing with various illnesses and how they learn to lighten up in the midst of the hard stuff. For this first episode, I interview myself. I talk about my endometriosis and also supporting loved ones with mental illness, ADHD, trauma, and autism. I also share how I learned to throw out expectations for what life would look like and my daily practice for lightening up. I always say that laughter makes us brave. Life’s too long to take the whole thing seriously, so listen in, and lighten up.

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