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Lighten Up #74: Amber Runyon

Today I’m talking with Amber Runyon, a former hospice nurse turned social entrepreneur. She founded Eleventh Candle Co. to bring hope and healing to women who’ve been vulnerable to trafficking, both in Ethiopia and the U.S. Eleventh makes delicious candles and they’re offering Lighten Up listeners 25% off using code LIGHTENUP. Amber and I talk about our new dogs, why she started a candle company when she doesn’t even like candles, and how candles are helping women out of trafficking. And then I pick her brain about what she’s been learning as an entrepreneur, running a fast-growing company, and building a healthy team. Whether you’re starting a company, care about ending human trafficking, or just super love candles, listen in and lighten up.

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Quotes from the show:

“If we start putting our money where our mouth is, our world will dramatically change.”

“Listen to your head, follow your heart, and lead with your gut.”

“You want to start a company? Start with therapy.”

Links from the show: