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Lighten Up #67: Marriage Crossover with Sarah Bragg

It’s time for our monthly crossover with Sarah Bragg, where we take a topic and talk about how to lighten up about it over here and how to survive it over on her podcast, Surviving Sarah. This month we’re tackling marriage, and oh my gosh, on today’s Lighten Up episode we’re lightening up about sex in marriage. Sarah and I start off sharing our engagement stories – spoiler alert, Sarah robbed the cradle and mine’s poop-related. We talk about when you can start farting in front of each other, and then obviously, farting is a perfect segue to sex…in some alternate reality. We have some real talk about sex, when sex is hard, lowering our expectations, planning it during those busy parenting years, how infertility destroyed my sex life, intimacy versus efficiency, and how your marriage doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s. Let’s talk about sex baby…so listen in and lighten up!

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