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Lighten Up #30: Summer Camp

Osheta Moore and I talk about all things summer camp-related and camp-adjacent, including tender camp love, Jesus camp, camp foods, packing for camp, and favorite camp movies. This kicks off my HOT DANG IT’S SUMMER! series, so listen in, and lighten up!

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Links from the show:

Check out Osheta’s new book, Shalom Sistas: Living Wholeheartedly in a Brokenhearted World

Find Osheta’s blog and podcast, Shalom in the City!

And if you haven’t listened to my first conversation with Osheta, it was all the way back on Episode #5 and definitely worth a listen!

Redneck Creme Brulee (I posted this a few years ago before we were allowed to share Ana’s name and I just wrote A–. Hard to believe she’s been a Dale for three full years now!)

Toas-Tite Sandwich Griller (We have the original but I found out through The Google that they are making this “retro” classic!)

Asperger Experts

Percy Jackson


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