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Lighten Up #29: Emily Freeman

Today I’m talking with Emily Freeman, author of several books including Grace for the Good Girl and Simply Tuesday, and co-founder of the hope*writers community. We chat about 90s pop music, writing, building benches, blogging, and what song she’d perform in an epic lip sync battle. You guys, I recorded this in the middle of a tornado warning. The sirens went off during the interview and I wondered if I should get in the bathtub but I really wanted to finish our conversation and debated if talking to Emily was worth dying for. So stay tuned to find out if I survive.

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Links from the show:

My favorite quote from the show: “I don’t have to be an outcome manager.”

Website: emily p. freeman

Instagram: @emilypfreeman

Instagram a photo from a regular moment of your life and hashtag it #itssimplytuesday.

Simply Tuesday

Simply Tuesday Adult Coloring Book

Grace for the Good Girl

“Tuesday” lyrics by Sara Masen


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