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Lighten Up #20: Todd Phillips

You guys, today is the 20th episode of Lighten Up, and since I still feel like I just started this thing yesterday, I’m pleasantly surprised to realize we’ve made 20 of these already. Look how productive we are! Apparently I do more than just lie on the couch watching episodes of Sherlock.* Speaking of things we do with our lives, today I’m talking with Todd Phillips, founder and president of The Last Well. We talk about his mission to bring clean water and the gospel to every person in Liberia, hope after the Ebola outbreak, his transition from pastor to head of a global organization, and also pet rodents. So listen in and lighten up!

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Links from the show:

The Last Well

Todd Phillips

Mr. Benson, my son’s class guinea pig:


I Walk for Water by Lindsey Andrews  – Lindsey only has a few copies left, so if you don’t snag one, follow her here and she’ll let you know when the next printing arrives in March!

Experiencing God

Theology for the Community of God


*valid lifestyle choice

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