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Lighten Up #19: Laura Parker

Did you know that January is human trafficking awareness month? Today I’m talking about that with Laura Parker, along with a KILLER rat story, our feelings about New Years resolutions, living abroad, and more! Laura is the co-founder of The Exodus Road, a nonprofit fighting human trafficking around the globe, which she began with her husband Matt. She is no stranger to transition, and has moved 15 times in her married life — including three international moves. As a writer, she currently serves as the VP of Communications for The Exodus Road and lives in Colorado with their three children. 

Also, I recorded this BEFORE New Years, and claimed that I’ve NEVER chosen a “word of the year,” but of course, since then, I’ve now chosen a word of the year, because God probably thinks I’m adorable when I declare things and make plans.

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Facebook Author Page: Laura L. Parker 

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