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I am the world’s worst soccer mom. I hate grass. I hate sports. I hate being outside and sweating. I stand on the sidelines griping about mosquitos and armpits while the other parents cheer supportively.

I know. I sound super fun. I think when God made me he had in mind more of an indoor, bookish sort who could read about other people experiencing the outdoors from the comfort of a nice sofa.

After years of schlepping folding chairs to fields and trying to make small talk with other moms on the sidelines while my kids attempted to remember which goal was theirs, I finally got to give it a rest. First one, then another child tried and quit soccer and my third and final child decided against giving it a go. I breathed a sigh of relief. It was finished.

And then something happened that made me long for the days of soccer. My youngest, a wee kindergartner, has decided she desperately needs to try READ MORE…

My friend Bronwyn has kindly allowed me to process my feelings of insecurity about my new role as Cheer Mom over on her blog today. Also, she’s giving away a copy of Women Are Scary, so if you’re looking for a free book to take to the pool this summer, head on over!