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“Mommy Blogger”

Today is the penultimate day of my short story about Mags the Shin Guard Bludgeoner.  Tomorrow the story ends, and I’ll publish the whole thing from start to finish.  Or, feel free to click through every single post from the last month, in order, if you’re trapped under something heavy, can’t go anywhere, but still have access to the internet.

She’d led them on a hunt around the state only to end up here, in her home town, too close to her family, with nowhere left to hide.  She was tired of running, tired of looking over her shoulder.  It was time to end this.

***Bahm bahm bahmmm…how will it end?!?  I promise it will include gifs.***

Now let’s talk about mommy blogging (more about mommy and less about blogging).

The first time I remember someone calling me a “mommy blogger” was when I flew up to my publisher to shoot the trailer video for Women Are Scary.  Someone asked if I was a “mommy blogger” and I had an internal conversation with myself before hesitantly answering, “I guess I am.”

I write about other things besides mommying, and I started out pretty much writing about orphan care and adoption, so this mommy blogging thing kind of crawled up over me.  You could say it was unexpected.

This infertile girl gets to be called mommy, and like on the internet and everything?

I’ve heard several people indicate that “mommy blogger” is kind of a negative term, and I can see why, if people use it to denigrate or belittle someone’s work.  Like if Professor Snape said it, with his disdainful sneer, “Harry Potter…mommy blogger.”

But even though the term is limiting and in my opinion, a funny story is a funny story, whether it’s about motherhood or anything else, I cannot find it offensive when anyone calls me mommy.  I know the true value of the word “mommy,” so it’s like saying “platinum blogger” or “diamond blogger” or “full price at Anthropologie blogger.”  Super valuable and as precious to me as the One Ring to Gollum.

I wanted to be a mother for so long, so getting to be a mommy anything is a gift for me.  I’ll be a mommy blogger and a mommy orphan care advocate and a mommy abolitionist.  I’ll be a mommy speaker and a mommy small group leader.  I’ll wear mommy dresses and mommy makeup and mommy Doc Martens.  I’ll listen to mommy music and drive my mommy van and hang out with my mommy friends.

But I’ll never wear mom jeans.

So I’m not only a mom.  I don’t only do mom things.  I don’t only write about motherhood.  I don’t only write for moms.  I don’t only hang out with moms.  My world is way bigger than that.  But I’ll always be proud to be called Mommy.  Cuz after twelve years of assembling my children, I worked my ass off to get here.

Okay that’s all I have to say about that.  Cheers.

See you tomorrow for the gripping conclusion of For the Love of Blog month.