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Pranking Your Friends

We’ve started this little group in our neighborhood, trying to be more intentional about doing life with our neighbors.  So far, we’ve hung out at our house, gotten to know each other a bit, and served at our local food bank with all our kids.  One of the couples asked us to watch their dogs while they were gone for a couple of days, and isn’t that such a great thing about having friends in your neighborhood, getting to look out for one another and help each other out?

Unless your new friends are us, in which case I wouldn’t trust us with your house key.  Alex and I took this photo of ourselves:

And hung it over their bed:

So now they’ll have us cheering them on every time they tuck in at night.  What are friends for?  (We used a removable stick-on hook – we’re not totally evil.)

Have you ever tried pranking your friends?  Please share.  We all need new ideas.


image from Pascal at