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Coffee+Crumbs: When They Took My Baby Away

I’m back over at Coffee+Crumbs sharing those first feelings after I had Elliott.  I had preeclampsia, and he had inter-uterine growth restriction (IUGR).  I had a partially-abrupted placenta, and my blood pressure was through the roof.  To save both our lives, they had to take him out at 34 weeks, and then my bloodwork continued to do wonky things.  I tried to capture some of my early thoughts and feelings after a high-risk pregnancy and emergency c-section, my body being pumped with magnesium to get me out of stroke territory.  It was a little trippy.

I love listening to people’s birth stories, the healthy ones and the difficult ones.  Mine wasn’t easy to live through, but it’s a privilege to get to share it, to weave this tapestry of shared stories of motherhood.  So here’s a little piece of my story of Elliott: When They Took My Baby Away.


image from Ashlee Gadd/Coffee+Crumbs