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New Contest: Backpack Horror Stories

I somehow managed to schedule both my dentist appointment and my gynecologist appointment for this week.  And the moron award goes to….  I’m thinking about paying someone to stuff bamboo shoots up my fingernails today just to round out the pain.

After the week I’ve had, I could use a laugh.  And I think I know just what to do.  Earlier this week I tweeted the following:

@UnexpectedMel: Does anyone else experience backpack panic on Sunday nights when you realize you never went through them on Friday?! #smooshedbanana

Many friends mentioned their own backpack horror stories, and I thought, “Ooohhh, this is so on.”

For Mother’s Day last year, I hosted the Prizes for Poo contest, and some of your stories made me gag.  And also die laughing.

I think it’s time for another contest.  This time, I want your craziest backpack finds.  Since it’s a three-day weekend, you may discover something horrific on Tuesday, so I’m extending the contest for a full week to give everyone time.  If you have more than one story, feel free to comment two or even three times.  I want us to assemble a comprehensive list.

Share your grossest, weirdest, or funniest backpack discovery in the comment section below, and together we’ll vote next Friday starting at noon.  The winner will receive a big box of some of my favorite things!