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The Hills Are Alive

Picture in your mind the most exuberant puppy you’ve ever seen, racing around the yard, rolling in leaves, running circles around everything and everyone, and barking barking barking with the full throttle doggy bliss.  If you can imagine that, then you have an idea what I mean when I say that A– loves to swim.  You wouldn’t know it to watch her run at the water with gusto, but today was A’s first time in a pool.  She learned to swim in rivers and ponds.

The only word for it is frolic.  We frolicked.  We laughed until we choked water, coughed it up, and kept laughing.  I threw the kids over and over, causing a slight wardrobe malfunction which means we need to move again.  But I digress.  (Target bandeau top, you let me down, way down, too far down.)  A’s suit bottom wasn’t any better.  Her teeny little booty won’t hold it up and every time she did a somersault we saw the cutest little half-moon.  We’re a mess, but we’re oh-so-happy.

This morning Elliott presented A– with his stuffed bear as a gift, and he convinced Evie to include one of her bracelets around the bear’s arm.  A group effort.  Precious.

He placed the bear outside her room and as soon as she appeared, excitedly presented her with the bear.  Evie immediately experienced remorse over her temporary spout of generosity, following A– around the house moaning, “I don’t haaaaavvvvve a bracelet anymooooorrrrre.”

After the pool, I introduced the kids to Just Dance Kids, and we now know all the words to “I Am a Gummy Bear.”  A– spearheaded a corn shucking party on the deck and her excitement over the corn proves that she is indeed one of us, as certain members of our family are known to eat corn with such commitment as to spread kernels in a Joker-esque grin across their faces.  We are corny, in every sense of the word.

After Peep s’mores and the murder of a snake, we snagged a bike ride and called it a day.  Um, yeah, gargantuan snake raising its head, baring its teeth, and waving its tail, zig zagging across the yard faster than the speed of Superman.  She laughed and thought it was funny, but the daddy long legs freaked her out.  I found myself yelling at Hubs not to hurt the snake, so apparently I’ve lost my mind, cuz what, were we going to invite it for s’mores?

At bedtime, I received a Big Gift.  While Daddy read about Jesus on the cross, A– schooched over and cuddled into my side, wrapping her arms around my waist.  Tight.  She looked up at me and grinned.  Game over.  The hills are alive with the sound of music.  The snakes are dead, but the hills are alive.