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Speaking of Awkward…

This afternoon, A– and I baked a cake together.  She decorated it with frosting and sprinkles, and I wrote her name on top in pink icing.  Tonight, she put on her fanciest dress and heels because she wanted to dress up for the special cake.  We sang “Happy Hosting to You” and she sliced it up for us.  Then we dance partied in the kitchen.

Speaking of partied, we went to the theater and saw Monsters University, and was anyone else a wee bit nervous when she realized the whole movie was basically about a frat party and some serious school-sanctioned hazing?  My kids won’t get half the references until they’re eighteen and hopefully if I play my cards right, I’m raising nerds and missionaries.  But lest anyone think I’m wound too tight, I relaxed, enjoyed the movie, and laughed a good ab workout.  Mike and Sully, always adorbs, even in the awkward collegiate years.

Speaking of awkward, the following script happened at the pool today.  This conversation was with a seven-year-old girl, and it just made me laugh, and also kinda want to dunk her in the pool.

Overly Inquisitive Girl (OIG): Are these kids all yours?

Me: Yes.

(A– said something in Russian.)

OIG: They are?

Me: They are right now.  (indicating A–) This one is visiting us for the summer.  (indicating E and E) This one and this one are mine all the time.

OIG: (indicating A–) Are you babysitting her?

Me: No.  She’s living with us this summer.

OIG: You’re babysitting her.  So that one and that one are both your real kids?

Me: Yes.

OIG: (indicating Evie) THAT one is your real kid?

Me: YES.

OIG: (takes a second to process this) Is she adopted?

Me: YES.

OIG: (indicating Elliott) And I’m guessing you made that one?

Let’s all take a moment of silence for this conversation.




Um…I really wanted to blow her mind and tell her how, but I showed restraint.

Speaking of restraint, I’m going to bed before 1am.  Look at me all grown up.