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Lighten Up #125: Bronwyn Lea

We are in our series, “Lighten Up about Parenting,” and if you’re just joining us, let me tell you why I’m so excited. Not only do I have an awesome guest line-up for you throughout this 10-part series, but I’m putting myself in the hot seat and inviting 10 beta testers to share their honest thoughts about my upcoming book, Calm the H*ck Down. These beta testers hail from all over the country and they were given an assignment: read an early copy of my book, then come on the show and tell me what they thought. They volunteered to go first and kick the tires on this thing, you know, make sure the book works before you buy it. This is the most nervous I’ve ever been on my own show, because I had no idea what they’d say before they came on. So today I’m chatting for a few minutes with Staci from Tennessee about Calm the H*ck Down, and then stay tuned, because author Bronwyn Lea is joining me to talk about how she lightens up about parenting.

Bronwyn is the author of Beyond Awkward Side Hugs and also a super wise mom. I loved hearing what she’s learning about parenting, what her kids need from her, and how she calms the heck down. Whether you’re driving to work, jogging, folding laundry, or hiding in the bathtub, hopefully with chocolate, listen in, and lighten up!

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