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Lighten Up #72: Anna Quinlan

If you like laughing hysterically, you guys are in for a treat today. My friend Anna Quinlan, a freelance writer and copywriter, is on the show and she tells the most epic tale of falling off a treadmill at the gym. I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard, and then we bonded over our mutual hatred of crafts. We chat about freelance writing, how she adopted one of her boys out of foster care, and sporty sporty fitness. Anna shares about competing in races, training for an Ironman, and how people like me who are not so much with the exercise can challenge ourselves. Whether your thighs are so strong you can crack walnuts between them or you’re more like me and can’t remember the last time you were on a treadmill, listen in and lighten up!

Favorite quote from the show: “If you’re at the table, you’re family.”

Also: “Step away from the glue gun.”

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