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Lighten Up #69: Karla Akins

Today I’m talking with Karla Akins, author of A Pair of Miracles: A Story of Autism, Faith, and Determined Parenting. Do you ever wish you could talk with someone who’s raised kids and lived to tell the tale? Karla is that someone. She’s a homeschool, foster, and adoptive mom, and she’s currently a special ed teacher in the public schools. She’s raised twin boys and shares how a weener dog helped her boys learn to talk and gives advice for advocating for your kids in school, from her perspective both as the mom of kids with special needs and a special ed teacher. For those of you with kids on the autism spectrum who are looking for a parent just a little further down the journey to offer hope and encouragement, Karla’s twins are 23 years old now and she shares her story here, so listen in, and lighten up.

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