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Lighten Up #65: Lighten Up About Gardening

Spring has sprung, or at least it should spring sometime in the next month or two depending on where you live, and today I’ve brought back my friend Kari Sowers to teach us how to lighten up about gardening. I do not do that thing, but Kari explains everything a beginner needs to know for starting a garden and overcoming our fear of killing plants. And I share my story of vermiculture worm genocide. Oh, also, Kari helps me understand sexually impotent neutered GMO seeds, I talk about plant sex, and in this one half hour episode I somehow managed to say “gonads” twice. So there’s something in here for everyone. Whether you have a green thumb or thumb your nose at the outdoors like I do, listen in and lighten up!

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Kari Sowers is an Intellectual Property attorney turned non-profit justice worker turned stay at home mom to three fantastic daughters. She lives in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and strongly believes that each person is created to be creative. Her gardening past includes snapping beans with her grandma, roof top gardening in downtown Los Angeles, directing a community garden in Portland, Oregon and now backyard “micro-farming” in the Show-Me State. Hang out with Kari online @KariSowers on Instagram and Twitter.