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Lighten Up #63: Body Image Crossover with Sarah Bragg

Today I’m back with Sarah Bragg of Surviving Sarah for our monthly crossover episode, where we take a topic and chat about how we can lighten up about it on this show and how we can survive it over on her podcast. Guys, I hate today’s topic. It is so hard for me but somehow seems to be a theme right now. Last month over on Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour podcast I shared about my history with an eating disorder and today Sarah and I are talking about body image. Blech, I know. This is hard stuff. We all struggle in some way with accepting something about our appearance. So today we’re talking about it and how we can lighten up about it. Who or what in your life shaped your view of what the “ideal” woman should look like? Sarah and I talk about ours, and we go deep into the 80s and early 90s on this one. Then we share the craziest products or procedures we’ve ever attempted to achieve our ideal look and our experiences with everything from sports bras to Spanx. Do you also struggle with perfectionism and comparison when it comes to body image? Listen in and lighten up.

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