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Lighten Up #58: Holley Gerth

Listen, can I be totally honest with you? I think January can be such a killer for comparison. It’s the hardest time of the year for me when it come to feeling discontent and bummed out about my life. I look around and see everybody taking the year by storm, and my kids just had one million snow days and all I want to do is watch Netflix all day and stay in my jammies. I look around at what everyone else is doing and feel like a hopeless slug. So today I got up and showered, yes — sometimes that’s the start of a brand new mood — I went to yoga, prayed with a friend, sat down to edit this show, and I feel better. I recorded this episode a few weeks ago and guys, it was exactly what I needed today to lighten up and put a smile on my face, so I hope you enjoy it too. In today’s episode I’m talking with counselor and author Holley Gerth about all kinds of things. The results of her extensive research on where you get the best jeans, her incredible story of adopting an adult out of foster care, being a brand new grandmother, and her new book, Fiercehearted, experiencing depression, and her Fiercehearted manifesto. Also, we cover some basics of chicken anatomy.

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