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Coffee+Crumbs: Forty Feels Like Freedom

I look at a photo of myself taken recently at a wedding. I’m wearing cherry red lipstick and the last time I’d attempted the feat was back in college when my professor told me I shouldn’t. I’m older now and men can’t boss me around like they used to and I feel freer and more confident in my red lips and strong opinions.

The other day I was telling a story about college and realized, Wait, was that 20 years ago? No, it couldn’t be, because I’m not that old. College still feels like “the other day.” Somehow time has streaked by and I’m 40 this month and it feels weird and significant.

I have t-shirts older than some of my coworkers, and when someone tried to hit on me I did the math and realized he was four when I got married. Baby, you couldn’t handle me, I thought. I know too much about who I am. READ MORE