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Lighten Up #36: Leslie Klipsch

Well, my kids are back to school this week so as I’m thinking about school and kids and motherhood, I thought it’s the perfect time to get our mama bear grrrr on. Today I’m talking with Leslie Klipsch, author of Mama Bear’s Manifesto and cohost of the Mama Bear Dares podcast. Whether you have kids or you love on some kids around you, she is going to talk about how to identify our rumble. What is it in the world that makes you mad? What keeps you up at night? Where do we want to spend our mama bear energy? Grrr. We also discuss our opinions on RompHims, flossers, gender reveal parties, and which Schuyler sister we think we’d be. Important stuff, so listen in and lighten up.

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Links from the show:

Check out Leslie’s book, Mama Bear’s Manifesto

Leslie on Facebook: @LeslieKlipsch

Leslie on Instagram: @lklipsch


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