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Lighten Up #35: Kari Sowers

This week on Lighten Up I talk with Kari Sowers, owner of Manifest Collab and the Manifest Collab+Create Podcast. We had a fantastic time together talking about important things like how she multitasks in the shower, my toilet-cleaning saga of woe, and our inability to Vox. And she has great advice on lightening up, saying, “Own your own priorities.” Also, neither one of us knew much about Enneagram numbers, but I’m not sure if they let you be a Christian anymore if you don’t know your assigned number, so we pushed through. I know you’ll love her as much as I do, so listen in, and lighten up!

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Links from the show:

Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors – “Their ceiling is our stage, and we’re dancing across it.”

If you love how Kari’s kids memorized 26 ABC scriptures at their school, you can do the same thing with your kids using my friend Courtney’s ABC scripture cards!

Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson

For Women Only

The Road Back to You – After extensive 5-minute free internet quizzes, Kari and I both discovered that we are Enneagram #3. Twinsies! I have no idea what that means and have very little desire to figure it out. Cheers.

Forever We

See Beautiful

Find Kari online:

@karisowers (twitter)

@karisowers (insta)

@manifestcollab (insta)


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