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Episode #32: Most Embarrassing Moments…in Church

We’re cruising along in our Hot Dang It’s Summer! series over on Lighten Up, and I’m having a blast bringing back some of my favorite guests from the last year for some summer fun. In this episode, Zach Hoag and I talk about our most embarrassing moments in church, and he shares his “You May Have Grown Up in a Cult If…” list. If you enjoy using laughter as a coping mechanism for hard stuff, then you’ll appreciate our conversation. Listen in…and lighten waaaay up.

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Zach has a new book out called The Light Is Winning. Here’s what I said about it in my endorsement:

“So often authors write about their successes. What I love about Zach is he’s given us a rare and precious opportunity to witness his apparent defeat, allowing us to watch as he wrestles with his upbringing in an authoritarian cult and his subsequent journey through denominations and church planting. Zach uses his stories to invite us into some deeper truths about the church today, offering hope during a tumultuous time in American Christianity. And maybe the best part of all of this? He draws inspiration from TV shows, like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. When someone tells me we don’t want an undead zombie faith, I find myself nodding along.”

Links from the show:

Check out The Light Is Winning

Zach’s website

Zach’s first time on Lighten Up, episode #14, in which we processed our feelings about The Walking Dead


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