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Lighten Up #17: Jamie Laslo

On this podcast, I talk with Jamie Laslo, who co-founded Ornaments4Orphans with her husband, Scott. We talk about how they’re using ornaments to empower artisans and preserve families in East Africa, and Jamie and I share our favorite Christmas decorations, traditions, movies, and songs. We also have a major disagreement about a Christmas movie. Will our friendship survive? (Spoiler alert: it does.)

I love what she says about why they developed Ornaments4Orphans after working in aid: “We felt like we were just putting on bandaids after awhile. We wanted to go deeper.” Take a listen here, or on Stitcher or iTunes!

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Shop for ornaments

First stop by my Slave Free Christmas post to get the rad coupon code, then head over to Ornaments4Orphans to pick out your faves! Get more info about how to host a tree here.

Notes from the show

A Toolbox Christmas by Woody Phillips – the perfect gift for the woodturner, handyperson, or lumberjack in your life

Eight-year-old Jamie receiving her Phantom of the Opera mask for Christmas…as one does:


Jamie: “I was a weird child.”

How to Take Communion With Your Kids

Books We Like

All the Light We Cannot See

Spiderwick Series

Melody the American Girl Doll


Percy Jackson Series

Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children


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