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Lighten Up #10: Alli Worthington

Today I talk with Alli Worthington, COO of Propel, founder of Blissdom, and author of Breaking Busy, about cutting out distraction, writing books, and leading leaders, plus how we need to lighten up, movie reviews, and When Pumpkin Spice Goes Too Far. Alli has so much wisdom to share with us and she’s fun and funny and after listening to this you’ll want to be her friend.

We cover everything from her book, which is one of my very favorite reads for 2016, to which Oreo flavors work and which are a crime against humanity. We debate the validity of the more extreme pumpkin spice products, talk superheroes and movie reviews, and I ask her all my questions about what it’s like being on The Today Show. One of my favorite things she says is, “Writing a book is like punching myself in the nose.” Yes it is.

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