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It’s Okay to Sit in the Questions

Today I’m honored to be featured in the Top Picks for Summer Reading series over at Tracie Miles’s blog. Tracie is a speaker and writer with Proverbs 31 Ministries and I’m so happy to get to talk about my book with her!

“I wanted a safe place where we could talk about this stuff, so I made one for us. I want to sit with you and talk about it honestly, without annoying platitudes or the “perfect” Christian responses. It’s okay to throw stuff and tell God you’re mad and don’t understand. It’s okay to sit in the questions.

This is a book about dealing with the death of a dream and shuffling forward anyway. We’ll do it together, and we’ll laugh along the way, and maybe we don’t have to wait for our lives to be all figured out before we decide to find joy right where we are. Life can be broken and hard and you can have scars and love it anyway.”

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