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Lighten Up #6: Steen Jones

On this episode of Lighten Up, I talk with Steen Jones, new author and founder of COLORS scarves, about her debut novel, The Door Keeper, our awesome kids with autism, spending the night in a treehouse, and reasons women were committed to mental institutions in the ninetheenth century that will melt your brain. Also, doing the sniff test on clothes and the pros and cons of nose rings. World-changing stuff.

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Follow Steen on Twitter @steenjones and Instagram @thedoorkeepertrilogy.

Links to things we talk about

COLORS scarves

The Door Keeper

Angelic Magazine

Sleep in a treehouse

Video about “high/low-functioning” terms for autism

Books that have inspired Steen

The Chronicles of Narnia

Love Does by Bob Goff

Blue Like Jazz and all Donald Miller’s books

Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne

Percy Jackson series

Somebody posted this on Facebook

Reasons women were admitted to a mental institution between the years 1864 to 1889:


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