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Happy Birthday, Women Are Scary!

Today is Women Are Scary‘s first birthday! One year ago today, I delivered a healthy baby book and became a published author.

To celebrate, I had a book launch party that’s one of my favorite nights of my life. And here’s what it’s like to publish a book, which is a lot like standing naked in the center of town…not that I would know.

It’s been an amazing year.


It takes a lot to push a book out into the world. You don’t realize how much work you’ll need to do, how much you’ll need to bug everyone, how broken recordy you’ll feel, how humbling it is to ask people for the favor of paying money for words you wrote about life.

I’m eternally grateful.


Thank you for pre-ordering my book

and for regular-ordering my book

and for passing out bookmarks to your friends

and for sharing links on social media

and for snapping a photo of yourself with it in Barnes & Noble

and for leaving a review on Amazon

and for actually reading it

Because of you, a mom who was feeling lonely read the book and found the courage to show up to a playdate.

Because of you, a mom who was hurting from a broken friendship found a little laughter and some healing.

Because of you, women in a book club took their relationships deeper.

Because of you, a group of moms went out and served in the community together.

Thanks for all you did to launch this book into the world. A year later, I’m humbled that it served a small part in helping the moms I love so much. We are better together, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to get to write for us.

Happy birthday, Women Are Scary!