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Creepiest Internet Mom Dating Story Ever?

If you’ve read Women Are Scary, do you remember my friend Lindsey who wrote the top ten list for dating moms who work outside of the home?  She’s from Oklahoma and I live near Atlanta and back in 2010, we dragged our families to Memphis to hang out at a hotel on Beale Street for a weekend just because.  Oh and we’d never met in person, so this is either the coolest or creepiest internet mom dating story ever.

You: You took your families on a cross-country blind date?

Us: Yes.  Yes we did.

You: Was it awkward?

Us: No way!

Our husbands: Maybe a little…

Hey, neither of us turned out to be axe murderers, so all’s well that ends well.

I tried to find a photo of the two of us together, but all I could find was this fake tattoo we let Elliott get on his tiny three-year-old leg in the middle of Beale street.  I think I remember sending the photo to my mom with no explanation, just to let her have a mild heart attack before telling her it was temporary.

Manaical laugh.

Anyhoo, Lindsey’s giving away a free copy of my book and we did an interview together in which I say important things like, “I love yoga pants and sitting on the beach not taking long walks.”

We talk about binge-watching TV, HopeChest, my book, how I’m getting friendships right and wrong, and how there’s no such thing as “doing it all.”  So if you’re looking to snag a copy of my book or want to get to know my friend Lindsey, pop over here.