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Coping with Back to School Giveaway

As our kids go back to school and we buy them all the shiny new school supplies, I can’t help but feel like us moms need something shiny and new, too. That’s why I’m so excited about my Coping with Back to School Box, filled with the following:

  • new makeup bag to hold the five pounds of concealer we’ll need to cover up the eye baggies from 6am wake ups
  • fun “God loves you” cards to slip in our kids’ lunch boxes
  • my favorite tablet cover, made by artisans in Rwanda (I have a matching one!)
  • a cutie patootie spiral notebook because moms need school supplies, too
  • new inspiring coffee mug for our sweet nectar of awakenness
  • a signed copy of Women Are Scary, because we’re about to meet new moms at school and need all the help we can get
  • dangly earrings to make us feel pretty even in our jammies at the bus stop

I hope you win.  I really, really hope you win.  Happy Back to School, friend.  (And if your kids don’t go back till September, rock on and go down a water slide for me.)

Click right here to enter the contest while I toss glittery confetti on you and scream your name.

Okay, I have two more things to tell you today.  One is about poop and one is a new store I’m excited about.  Maybe I’ll do the store first, so if you’re easily grossed out you’ll at least hear about the store.

If you’ve been around Unexpected for a bit, you know I also get to write for this awesome site for moms called Coffee+Crumbs.  I love these girls and their writing and their freaking photography.  They are excellent at making pretty things but they still want to be friends with me, which is so sweet.  Well, our amazeballs editor and leader, Ashlee Gadd, has put together a new store.  We’re starting small, but the things already in the store are fantastic and I already want one of each.  So if you need a little gift for a friend or for yourself, please go check that out over yonder.

And that leaves us with poop.  The good people at asked me for a funny poop story.  You can only imagine how happy it makes me to be someone’s go-to person for a poop story.  And I have a doozy from this summer that I was only too happy to share with the world.  Have you ever had to take your child into a Porta Potty?  Yeah, if so, you know where this is going.  The post is up today, so wander on over right here.