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I Broke Out My Elvis Lip

Whew, today’s post is just barely today at this point because I’ve been off galavanting around with super fun people.  Do you ever get insanely jealous when you see fun photos your friends put on Facebook and you immediately experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on an epic scale?  I have these fun friends who live an hour and a half away who do this thing called IF: Table where they eat fun food and hang out together and discuss things, and they’re always spreading their togetherness all over Facebook.  And I “like” and press my sad puppy eyes against the glass and make whiny noises about how fun it looks.

Well, these fun friends also ordered a bunch of my books and as you may have heard, I will Skype in to any group who orders ten copies of my book.  So yesterday I just drove on up to see them and horned in on their time together and we had an in-person Skype chat, which apparently is just called dinner.  I don’t know, what do you think?  Did we have fun?


Women are scary.  We’re proving it here.  I’m not sure if we are Charlie’s Angels or Look At Us Point With Our Fingers.  What is happening here?

Look, we can be normal.  We can do that thing:


Shelley, Me, Robin, Ginny, and Chantel.  A couple people had to miss and I can only assume are now staring longingly at these fun photos on Facebook, experiencing all the FOMO.  To that I say Mwahahahaha.

I mean, I broke out my Elvis lip for these girls.  It was even more fun in person than it looked in all those Facebook photos.  Thanks, IF: Friends.  I had an IF: Great Time.

For the Love of Blog Month

Hmm, now, what have I forgotten?  Oh yes of course.  My lil’ serial short story.  How is our Mags doing today?

As she watched him drive away, she wondered if she’d ever see him again.  But maybe that was better.  He’d never look at her the same if he knew what she’d done.  Or what she was going to do.

Wait, what?!?  What did she do?  Bahm, bahm, bahmmmm…(Elvis lip).

Family News

I had the following conversation with my son tonight at dinner:

Him: Today at camp I sneezed and this huge booger came out right here (indicates finger).

Me: How did you handle that?

Him: (Okay, lemme interject here with a multiple choice quiz.  Did he:

a) Wipe it on his shirt,

b) Transfer it to a socially-acceptable tissue then head to the nearest restroom where he responsibly and courteously washed his hands, or

c) Eat it.)

I’ll leave it to you to decide, like a choose your own adventure.

Current Events

Okay, in final news for the day, did anyone get in on Amazon Prime Day yesterday?  Did you find any deals?  I’m pretty sure the whole thing was worth it for this funny post.  Did anyone score the Diane Keaton tee shirt or the family pack of brass knuckles?