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Christmas in July Box o’ Love Giveaway

Making her way up to the house, she stumbled to the door, grabbing the knob before she fell.  She took stock of herself, wincing as her fingers grazed the gash across her forehead.  She brushed the dirt off her pants with shaking hands, tucked in her shirt, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell, hoping against hope that the inhabitants inside would be home…and would help her.  Her stomach dropped as she heard the lock click open from the inside.*

***to be continued tomorrow…doodl-oodl-ooo, wavy lines delineating the end of that segment***

In less dramatic news, my mom sent some photos from me in junior high,** and Alex noticed an interesting correlation between 13-year-old me at the Grand Canyon and 37-year-old me at church this morning.  I don’t know what he’s talking about.  See if you can find any similarities:


What.  What is it?  Clearly I’ve grown up and my wardrobe has become extremely much more sophisticated.

Hmm, speaking of a consistent commitment to incredible shopping choices…

Did you know that I shop for you all year long?  When I see little things here and there, I think, ooh, I want to get that for my blog friends.  And I have these little cubbies in my office where I stash these presents for you.  Well, to say thank you for being such fun internet friends who I love and adore, I think it’s time for Christmas in July!  I’ve rummaged through the cubbies and picked out a few of my favorite things to put in a big box o’ love.  The goods:

-my favorite, uber-soft Unexpected T-shirt from The Sparrow Project,

-a Lisa Leonard necklace that I fell in love with that says “Together” (how perfect for momlationships!),

-my favorite Ugandan banana fiber angel ornament from Ornaments 4 Orphans,

-pretty Africa notecards from my dear fantabulous HopeChest,

-and, um, this fun book I made.

So enter to win some Christmas in July ==>>>RIGHT HERE<<<== and I’ll sign the book for the winner.  And thanks, thanks, thanks for being my blog friend.

One final thing.  If you’ve been wondering what our dog, JPEG, has been up to this summer, this is it in a nutshell:


This guy is a saint.  He adores Ana and pretty much lets her do whatever she wants.

Sloppy kisses,


*If you’re confused, apparently I’m writing a short story about a woman who almost got blown up, has someone chasing her, and is trying to call for help.  It’s extremely dramatic, not unlike running out of diapers when your kid has diarrhea.  After my last post, several of you have asked Who She’s Gonna Call, and I’ll get to that, but first, can we please revel in the sheer Ghostbusteriness of that question?  Is anyone else completely psyched beyond all reason about the all-female reboot coming out next summer?  With Chris Hemsworth as Annie Potts?  Is it too early to buy my ticket and large bucket of popcorn?

**I take it back.  What could be more dramatic than junior high?!?  Nothing, I say.  The answer is nothing.