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On Ann Voskamp’s Blog: When Women Seem Scary

For years now, I’ve found solace and encouragement and the grace to step into each day on Ann Voskamp’s blog.  She reminds me to give thanks.  And never did I cling to her words more than when we got stuck in the process of Evie’s adoption and waited with bated breath to see if and when we would be united.  I read her words and I searched for faith and I counted gifts.

I’m still counting gifts.

And today, one of the gifts I’m counting is the opportunity to share a bit on Ann’s blog about that time after we brought Evie home, when I was a mess and women seemed scary.  We met at Catalyst last year during the IF:Gathering labs and it’s such a honor to be on her blog today.  And her photos of my book are so pretty.  Happy sigh.  Thanks, Ann.

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