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Judgey Eyeballs and We’re Better Together

Today my book baby is born.  Scheduled c-section.  Midnight, when my book automatically downloaded into all the Kindles.

Last night, the last thing I read was an encouraging email from my friend Jeannie Cunnion saying, “I am proud of you.”  It’s exactly what I needed to read, and Jeannie knew it, because around this time last year, her first book went out into the world.

Shortly after starting this journey of publishing last year, I said, “Book contracts should come with built-in author mentors.”  I asked God for an author friend who would let me freak out on her and who would have the right advice when I needed it.

He gave me two, Courtney, who you met yesterday, and Jeannie.  Today I’m over at Jeannie’s blog talking about momlationships, when you feel judged as a mom, and how we’re better together.

Click here to meet Jeannie and read about all the judgery and sweaty yoga pants and ogling eyeballs.