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Mobilizing Moms at CAFO Summit 2015

Are you attending the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Summit this year?  If so, I’m leading a workshop and I’d love to see you there!  (My workshop is scheduled right before the dinner break, so I’m contemplating passing out Red Bull shots and possibly beginning with some light calisthenics.  I will definitely need to employ lots of jazz hands and maybe even a buffalo step and if all else fails, I’ll break out my Matt Foley Van Down by the River impression.)

I believe that moms are uniquely and gloriously equipped to be leaders on the forefront of orphan care, and I’m so excited to speak about that at CAFO!  Here’s my lil’ description of the workshop from the conference site:

Mobilizing Moms: Out of the Minivan and Into the World

Do you ever flip through Facebook, Twitter, or the news and feel helpless? You see the need, a world full of trouble and pain, but you feel small and insignificant and overwhelmed with packing lunches and schlepping kids, or maybe filling out endless adoption paperwork. What can you possibly do to make a difference in the world? Quite a lot, actually.

When moms join together to incorporate orphan care projects into their regular lives, God can use us to accomplish extraordinary things in His kingdom. This workshop is perfect for adoptive and foster moms, moms in the adoption process and feeling restless during the long wait, and moms involved in church orphan care and women’s ministries.

Learn practical ideas to mobilize the moms in your community to make a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, from your backyard to around the world. We’ll talk about strategic ways to develop a group of moms, utilize your strengths and gifts to engage in orphan care, and how to involve our whole families in serving together. As you partner together to invest in the lives of those in need, God will meet your need for community and transform you from helpless to hopeful.

This workshop will be fun and practical for women, whether you’re just beginning your orphan care journey or you have a growing ministry. We’ll look at engaging our local communities, taking regular situations and transforming them into opportunities to care for the fatherless. Learn how you can turn simple playdates with other moms or women’s Bible studies into ongoing orphan care ministry, all while your children play at your feet…or break toys in the next room.

(Melanie Dale, Author and Children’s HopeChest)

If you can come, I’d love to see you in Nashville on April 30-May 1.  Here’s the link to register, and you can still get the early bird rate for a few more days.