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Coffee & Crumbs: World’s Worst Mother-in-Law Ever

On Coffee+Crumbs today I’m talking about the world’s worst mother-in-law ever.  Before this post went live, I texted my very wonderful mother-in-law to let her know this wasn’t about her, so she wouldn’t freak out when she saw the title.  And then my editor, Ashlee, and I had this conversation about what the picture should be.  I think I’m totally reasonable here:


As always, Ashlee made a perfectly beautiful photo, though sadly without a Cheetos-eating monkey from the Czech Republic.  Anyway, if you want to, read all about my slightly obsessive mom-love for my wittle blondie bear.*

World’s Worst Mother-in-Law Ever

Before I had kids I used to think about what a great mother-in-law I’d be – laid back, never clingy, good listener, fun.  But then I had a son, and as he’s growing up I‘ve finally come to realize that I will be the world’s worst mother-in-law ever.

The older he gets and the taller and brainier and more interesting, the more I have to hug him over and over and kiss his dirty blond hair. I stare at him while he’s sleeping like that creepy mom from I’ll Love You Forever.  Read More


featured image from Ashlee Gadd/Coffee+Crumbs

*”Blondie bear” ripped directly from Buffy the Vampire Slayer fourth season, when Spike hits bottom and has a relationship with Harmony.  It’s delightful.